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Prime Minister’s Questions June 4, 2009

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What would you do if you were Prime Minister? That was the provocative question to Alan Johnson at PPL’s AGM yesterday. He was asked whether he would rather see illegal downloaders sued by the rightholders or dealt with in some way by the ISPs. Sensibly, being the Health Secretary, he ducked the question, not wishing to tread on the toes of his ministerial colleagues, but he did paint an enticing picture of inviting Lavinia Carey (who had asked the question) to No.10 and discussing the subject during a tour of the gardens, with officials at the ready to convert those discussions into solution and action.

Alan also revealed his own passion for music and his early ambitions in a band of fellow teenagers from, as he put it, the streets of Shepherd’s Bush and Notting Hill in the 60s. It seems we have more and more top politicians who started life in a band, from Tony Blair and his Ugly Rumours to Andy Burnham, who, just a couple of weeks ago, accompanied Feargal Sharkey in a unique rendition of Teenage Kicks in a Committee Room in Westminster.

PPL’s AGM was something of a celebration, not just because of our 75th anniversary, but also for showing a healthy increase in royalties going to performers and record companies. This income is now becoming a life-blood for the industry so it was perhaps doubly appropriate to have the Secretary of State for Health there to mark the occasion. To round things off, we donated five soundscapes, courtesy of the artists, to Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy to help them use the transforming power of music to reach children with the most profound disabilities. It is at times like these that we are reminded how privileged we are to work in music.



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