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Misrepresentation February 5, 2009

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Why is it that everyone thinks they can speak for performers? I am in Strasbourg, talking to MEPs about the forthcoming Copyright Term Directive. They have all received emails from consumer groups claiming to represent performer interests. They are advising MEPs to vote against the Directive because it won’t benefit performers. They go on to say that performers don’t want the legislation.

Well. I know three performers who don’t want the copyright term extended. They have their own reasons and I have no problem with that. However, I also know 38,000 performers who do want copyright term extended, now. While I cannot claim to have spoken to every single one of them, I have seen the petition that every single one of them has signed. They are calling on the EU to give them a fair copyright term, on a par with composers and on a par with performers in the USA.

Performers want a copyright term of 95 years and they want it now. MEPs should listen to them, not to others who speak falsely in their name.



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