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The Heart of the Matter January 29, 2009

Posted by Dominic in Uncategorized.

Last night I listened to six youngsters playing some jazz standards with the freshness and vitality we often take for granted. They brought something new to each tune they played, something unique to those musicians, something unique to that performance. They had travelled down from Derby, where they have been learning their craft and rehearsing together for several years under the auspices of Hot House Music. 


After their performance in the Houses of Parliament, Michael Connarty MP reminded us of the unfairness facing them as musicians. When they make a recording, which they surely will very soon, they will lose that recording and all their royalties from it just as they reach retirement age. All the other contributors – the composer, the photographer, the writer of the sleeve notes, the designer of the cover – will benefit from the full copyright term of life plus seventy years. The musicians who make the actual recording will get about half that.


That’s why the draft Copyright Term Directive is so important.



1. Mark McGann - January 29, 2009

Dominic – Keeping up the good fight I see. I thought we nailed this problem ten years ago!


Mark McGann

2. dfgdf - February 11, 2009

“All the other contributors” Nope. Typesetters get 20 years.

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