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One Step Closer to 95 January 21, 2009

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The big debate on the Copyright Term Directive took place in the European Parliament yesterday. MEPs in the Legal Affairs Committee discussed the proposal drafted by the European Commission, as well as numerous amendments that have been put forward by MEPs.


The debate was led by Brian Crowley MEP  who is the Rapporteur for this Directive. His role is to steer the legislation through the various Parliamentary procedures so that it can become law. He opened the debate with the clearest explanation of the Directive, its purpose and its benefits to performers.


The main opposition to the Directive came from the Greens who are claiming that this Directive will not help performers. Try saying that to the 38,000 who have signed a petition urging the EU to give us a fair copyright term. It is not surprising that this one Directive will not solve all the issues faced by musicians and the industry, but that is not a reason to deal with this one.


Brian Crowley concluded the debate by dealing with the points raised in the debate and reminding MEPs that the Directive would guarantee the rights of performers on a level with other creators and, for the first time, create a fund for artists to give them additional benefits.



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