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To Vote or Not To Vote January 15, 2009

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The list of MEPs backing the draft Copyright Term Directive continues to grow. Every day a few more MEPs tell us they will be voting for a fair copyright term for performers and producers.


This is perhaps not surprising. You expect politicians to vote in line with their principles or in line with the popular vote from their constituents. If you believe performers should be treated fairly, on a par with other creators, you vote to give them the same copyright term. If you sense that musicians and others in your constituency want you to vote for a fair copyright term, that is how you vote.


But what happens if you also vote against everything that the EU does, on principle? You are going to find yourself at odds with yourself. Such is the dilemma of one MEP. Vote yes for the sake of the individuals affected, or vote no for a political ideal.


But surely, if you don’t believe in the institutions, you shouldn’t vote at all? Or represent people where you don’t believe there should be any representation? Fortunately, only one MEP has told us he will be voting against the interests of musicians because he doesn’t believe the EU should be doing anything.



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